Singing "Rocky Mountain High"
You have heard my songs, for so many years 
You have laughed with me, washed away my tears 
You have shared my joys, you have felt my pain 
In this healing time, walk with me again 

We know, it is hard to say what is your favorite JD-song. For many of us, they ALL are. We've tried to put up this page anyway, and if you want you can join us. If you have not voted yet (or want to change your votes), Click here!
We first offered the vote and feedback form on January 4th 1997. Until April 30th 2002 we received 56 votes. Thanks for sending in.
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Ann Hopkins (Swansea, South Wales UK).Hi there, I visit your pages many times a week just to listen to John's voice, and I love to hear him sing ' Last Night' if only other people would listen to his words this world would be a better place. The last time I saw John in concert was in our capital city in Cardiff, the March before he died. This concert was my Mother's day treat, from my daughter and we both watch him live, and he was wonderful, and as so many people say, he was singing just for me!. (30 April 2002)

Eileen Abrams (CA, USA), I first listened to John during high school, in the late 60's.  Some of his songs helped me get through the long years my boyfriend was away in the Vietnam war. Later, hitch hiking through Montana, John's "Sweet Surrender" was just the story of my life.
I have so many favorite songs ... lately "Wings That Fly Us Home" and "In The Grand Way" , but "For You' and of course "Sweet Surrender" will always be tops,... ("Sweet .." being my theme song.)  I haven't heard all of his music nor read all of his writings yet.
I got to see him twice. Once at Harrah's, Lake Tahoe, CA.  I was working at Harrah's, and we were told we would be fired on the spot if we were caught at any of his concerts.  (They were sold out.)  John added one more conert....  a FREE concert for employees only and it was just wonderful.  Jay Leno was his opening act.  After the concert, I was in the casino with a couple of friends and there he was!  He had a body guard on each side of him, and he was walking slowly and smiling at everyone.  I started to go over to him,.... to thank him for all the comfort his music gave me, but those body guards looked at me like they would kill me.  No one went up to him.  I saw him again in Orange County, CA some years later.
Since his passing, we've all learned alot about his private life, and I sometimes wonder if he would have been more content with life had he had more contact with the regular people, ... day to day life....
One thing I'd like to say-My heart just breaks when I see the footage of his sweet Mother weeping and saying "He was too young...."  If there is a way for her to know she is in my prayers....   E-Mail adress is (1 Aug 2000)

Lucinda Marie (coastal Redwoods, CA, 34 years). John Dever fan since I was in the Fourth grade, when I received my first album. I have seen John In concert five times, all in Portland Oregon. My most memorable moment was every concert I went to, and also, at one concert in 1983, I left a portrait I had drawn (I am an artist) of John,onstage during intermission. A couple of months later I received a letter from John, thanking me for the picture!! At 17 and a true JD fan I was elated!! I have the letter still, it is a prized possession. E-Mail address is (14 Apr 2000)

Debra Chilton (Vancouver WA, 45 years). John Denver fan since early 70's. Email: (6 Oct 1999)

Dan (Rockford Illinois). I was priveleged to see John Denver 3 times in concert. Other than my father, no one has influenced my life more than John Denver. His music and philosophies have shaped my life and my attitudes towards the environment. (15 Jan)

Anne (North Carolina, USA. Birthday is August. 4, 1952. I have been a fan of John's since college days in the early 70's. I saw him in concert in Washington DC in 1976. His music has always touched my heart and soul very deeply. He is one of the few artists who is near and dear to my heart and he always will be. Over the years, each song has taken on deeper meanings as I live and grow. At this time in my life, I am finding the spirituality in myself and nature. Many of John's songs speak to me now: All This Joy, Looking For Space, Fallings Leaves, Amazon. Email is 25 May)

Starr Swindt (38 years old, fan for 26 years!!  My story is "John Denver literally saved my life".  As a teen in a troubled home ( mother a drug user and alcoholic)  I could have easily turned to drugs! All my friends did drugs, but I was able to resist because of John and his Music.  The words turned me to nature and I was able to survive.  Not many people survive such a life and recover
normally.  I am happy to say I have a wonderful 16 year marriage, two beautiful teen age daughters and a career as an Emergency Medical Technitian.  I know I would have fallen into the hold of that lifestyle if it were not for John!!  I was only able to see him once in concert and I'm not sure of the year,  I think it was '73.  It was the EST Holiday Celebration in San Francisco.  I can never thank him NOW. <>, 15 May)

Karolin Benford (Elyria, Ohio USA, 37 years old, fan for over 25 years.  I've atttended about a dozen of John's concerts, mostly at the Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland and at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (Blossom is my favorite arena in the
whole world. The stage is at the bottom of a small valley.  There are about 1000 seats under cover, and open seating on the nearby hills. If  you are lucky enough to get front row seats, as I did several times, you are so close to the stage that you can rest your feet on it!). My most memorable John Denver moment: actually, there are three. Take your choice.
1. The first time I met John at Blossom Music Center, when he was shaking hands with the audience during an encore. He was so warm, friendly and sincere.
2. The second time I met John was even more special.  Again, it was at Blossom. I gave him a t-shirt (photo of the earth on it, with the caption, "Love Your Mother"). John thanked me and called me "Darling"  (sigh).  I was the only person in the audience with whom he spoke that night.
3. When John was promoting the Wildlife Concert on QVC (television shopping network), I got to speak with him on the air! We chatted for about 5 minutes --- what with the merchandise I bought, I figure it cost me about $40 per minute! When asked what  I bought, I said, "John, I bought EVERYTHING!"  This made him laugh (he called me "What a gal!"  Sigh. Sigh.). I told John how much I loved his music, his committment to making the world work, and how, when I reached a very dark place in my life, his music was the one thing that kept me going.   I am so grateful that I could tell him what a difference he has made in my life, and that I could give him the gift of laughter., 4 Feb)

Kristin Chiboucas (28 years old, fan since 1979 when I saw him on the Muppets.   I have only seen him perform once and that was at Liberty State Park in NJ during the Statue of Liberty Centennial July 4th , 1986.   I got to meet him very briefly ackstage after the fireworks but I regret that I was not able to really have a  chance to talk with him. I really admired his passion, spirit, and devotion to the environment, 30 Jan 1998)

Rebecca A Bewick ('Becky', I live in Portage, Indiana USA, 30 years old, I was a very young girl when I became a John Denver fan listening to his music. I was only lucky enough to see John Denver in concert 2 times.My most memorable moment was when I saw him in concert for the first time. It was like a dream come true. My email address is, 20 Dec)

Rick Dermody (I am a 45 yo gynecologist who is running his first marathon in January to raise money for the Leukemia Society of America.  I had a fundraiser last Sunday night of coffee, desserts and the music of John Denver--I played guitar and sang.  Only about 30 people showed up but most were big John Denver fans.  As I prepared for this I realized that I've only had one album of John's but I knew nearly half of his songs.  I think he is with his father now, one with the wilderness and universe. 23 Nov)

Josie, Annalee and Bill  Moore (we live in the USA. I am 62-yrs. young (ha!), humble, humble and have enjoyed JD from the beginning. I currently live in Gaithersburg, MD with my wife and daughter in a little condominium. Josefina is my wife and Annalee (18-yrs.) is my daughter. I am retired since July 1997, my wife works at a fashionable department store called 'Lord & Taylor' and Annalee is a senior in high school. I have two daughters from a previous marriage, who both live in Colorado (coincindently - so did John Denver). I also have five grandchildren, whew!! Anyways, when my eldest daughter was a teen in the 70's she went to 3 or 4 of John Denver's concerts. We actually saw John D. at Disney World, Orlando, Florida in 1978 - John was not 'in concert' but just enjoying the 'theme park' as were we. I'm only sorry we did not approach him for a minute as I think we would have acknowledged us, but my girls were too shy! I believe that Annalee has been converted into a 'John Denver fan' for all I have told her - she surely loves music, and as I, we both love what John did for all of us through his music....,  21 Nov)
Julie Salter (Bloomington, Indiana USA, 11 Nov)

Barbara Peterson (29 Oct)

Roger Carpenter (Vancouver, Washington USA, 43 years old;  In 1971 I came back from a 1,000 mile cycling trip around
Lake Michigan and heard "Take Me Home Country Roads".  I've been a fan ever since;  I've been to about eight concerts: first 1973, last 1995. After a 1974 concert I met John backstage and got an autograph! Most Memorable moment:  I was travelling in England in 1983 and stopped along the ocean near a small store, which had a loudspeak playing the radio. I was missing my girlfriend just as I was looking out upon the water. At that moment the radio played "Shanghai Breezes". I'll never forget that! (; 24 Oct)

Diane Cox (Hawaii, I'm 45, fan since 1970, 14 concerts..including driving from Big Bear Lake, CA to Aspen, CO on Christmas Eve to see him do a special Christmas concert at the Wheeler Opera House. loved all his concerts. They were always different and special. Most unforgettable is impossible to say.  I met him 5 times in all...once at a Higher Ground Symposium in Long Beach.  How I wish I had a recording of that night.  He was so eloquent.....he spoke for over 3 hours from his heart.  It changed my life totally.  Afterwards, I had a few words with him about his biodome project.  It was awesome.  He was awesome.
Another time after a concert, backstage....he came out holding newborn Jesse Belle in his arms.  It touched me so deeply.  I spoke with him for a few minutes.  I had done a counted cross stitch sampler entitled One World for him.....and he thanked me for it. He also introduced me to Tom Crum and Akido. Another wonderful person and idea. Homepage at, 21 Oct)

Bob Ribokas (USA, 40 years old, fan since 1972 when Rocky Mountain High was released.3 or 4 concerts, the most memorable being the last time - at the Wildlife Concert in Last Vegas in 1996. I have a web site called Grand Canyon Explorer at and I have dedicated the site to the memory of John. 20 Oct)

Mike Eck (Japan, sorry-I lost accidently your email- please send again, 18 Oct )
Ellen Carr (fan since 1974,  many concerts and got to shake his hand once. He was so kind. 17 Oct)

Bob Kubik (USA, 44 years, fan since 1976, 7 concerts, most memorable moment going to Alaska & listening to JD music while touring, worked with a person who served with JD's father & saw JD perform before he became "JD", & having Annie's Song sung at my wedding....., 15 Jul)

Linda Gray (USA, 34 years, fan since 1972, 15 concerts, most memorable moment for me was meeting John at the Windstar Symposium at the Wildlife Federation on September 16, 1990, I have a picture in my wallet to remember it by. email at L Gray, 12 Jul)

Anonymous2 (29 years, fan since 1984, 31 May)

Mar (Holland, 31 years, fan since 1978, 3 concerts, most memorable last concert in The Hague, just John and his guitars, no band, the show was like a family meeting..., 20 May)

Sam  (South Carolina, USA, grew up listening to the Beatles and John Denver, married in 75 with Tressie and had a boy in 93. We called him Zachary and our cat's name was Jennifer. We both teach school and play a lot of his songs. We saw him in concert back in the late 70's. I was a fan from the first time I heard Friends With You on the radio and I was in highschool. My wife and I have lived a lot of our lives according to the messages of his songs. I learned a lot about conservation by listening and then thinking., 17 May)

"Voyager" (Holland, 46 years, fan since about 1970, 4 or 5 concerts, most memorable concert in Gent (Belgium), because we had great seats, near the stage where he performed. The two things I like most about him are: 1. his music, his voice, the way he performs etc etc he's a great musician; 2. the texts, also the topics, of his songs. The text sometimes is very philosofical and some of his texts appeal to me, very much,, 4 May)

Chelsea (Connecticut, USA, 34 years, fan since 1980, 2 concerts and will never forget!!, Homepage:; If anyone visits my homepage, PLEASE sign my Guestbook! Thanks!, 1 May)

Louise Brindamour (205 palace ave war.r.i.USA, 43 years, fan since 1972, 60-70 concerts including wildlife concert, most memorable talk about 15 min. to JD after a concert the july before he split with Cassie; in the USA JD is not that popular anymore except for us diehard fan and that makes me sad, 29 Apr)

Rose Ann Bonar(California, fan for 20 plus years, four concerts, many favorite songs, depending on my mood, no votes given, 21 Apr)

Jeroen Holthuijsen (Holland, 2 concerts,, 14 Apr)

Pamela Beasley (Dallas Texas, ageless at the Big 50, fan since 1973, 11 concerts, most memorable in Chicago last March when I gave him a denim vest I made. He put it on and wore it as he greeted all the others backstage. Then the next morning he was wearing it!. He came up to me at that time and told me that he really (?? end of story), 13 Apr)

John Thorogood (Bishop's Stortford, England, composer / editor of the "Free Spirit" WebSite, fan since 1974, I was decorating my wife's (also Annie's) flat and she had some music playing in the background - it was : "Follow Me". Have been to at least one UK Concert each Tour since. Most memorable was seeing John in Concert backed by a full Orchestra ( Lee Holdridge ) at Wembley in 197 something !!,, 6 Apr)

Ayman Badawi (Cairo Egypt, 20 years, fan since 1995 when i first heard Annie's Song, no concerts, I feel this man is a miracle because of his songs and he give me the inspiration to write myself songs about the one I love, no Email adress given, 6 Apr)

Jeff (Reno, Nevada USA, fan since 1970, over 20 concerts (I lost count), most memorable meet and talk with JD Harrah's at South Lake Tahoe in 1976, 5 Apr)

Betsey Lippert (Minnesota, 38 years, fan since the early 70's, 7 or 8 concerts,, 5 Apr)

Jacky (Grootebroek, Holland, 32 years, fan since 1977, attended about ten concerts, 4 Apr)

Marilyn Blimes (Columbus Ohio, 45 years, fan since the mid 70's, most memorable moment was getting my Alfie book signed back stage in Detroit,, 1 Apr)

Yu-Suan Lin(California, U.S.A, 32 years, fan since 1980, Engineer, sees JD concert once a year, most memorable concert 1992 in Greek Theater in L.A., that was the best one I've ever been : all songs included in the concert are my favourites, also that was the last time I met my best friend Sihn-Peng, he was killed in a car accident on the way to J.D.'s concert one year after,, 19 March)

Riet Veenendaal (Texel, Holland, 48 years, fan since 1977, 8 JD concerts, most memorable JD weekend in England, 9 March)

Henry Smiley (United States, 34 years old, fan since 1974, 6 concerts, most memorable was meeting him backstage at Wolftr: in '91,, 27 Feb)

Julie (Massachusetts, loved him and his music for years. Most memorable, concert at Harbor Lights, Boston MA, because after the concert, there was only a chain link fence between he and I. I yelled "We Love You!" through the fence and he put his hand up to wave in response! A small piece of me died that night, when I had to go home without meeting him! (25 Feb)

Rory K. Young (23 Feb)

Herwig Ruttens (Belgium, went to 3 JD-Concerts (all in Gent), 22 Feb)

James Boelens (Gent, Belgium, fan since 1987. 3 JD concerts (1x Antwerpen and 2 x Gent), 15 Feb)

Kaye Rains (Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. 41 yrs. old, fan since 1969-heard the first note out of his mouth and fell in love for the rest of my life! 6 JD concerts. Most memorable, Sokol Blosser Winery outdoor concert July 22, 1995. Attended alone during an emotionally trying time, and cried, laughed, drank wine, and was saved once again by JD., 6 Feb)

Eileen (Wisconsin, USA, fan since 1973, 8 times to JD concert,, 1 Feb)

Fabio Zucca (Milan, Italy, 27 years, fan since 1989, Ph.D. student in mathematics, attended one JD-concert which was most memerable JD-moment,, 1 Feb)

Vicente Solivelles (Barcelona, Spain, 40 years old, fan since 1972, most memorable when I heard he would be in concert for the first time in Madrid (Spain) in October 95. Unfortunately the concert was cancelled,, 31 Jan)

Colvin (fan since age of 18, colvin@ssi.parlor, 30 Jan)

David Gorell (Canberra, Australia, 42 years old, fan since 1974, 4 concerts, most memorable meeting him in Nov 94, shaking his hand, and getting his autograph!, 29 Jan)

Donna Pinto (34 years, fan since 1975, saw JD first at in Philadelphia in 1975, most memorable moment was probably on stage with him at Windstar's Choices Symposium in 1993. Unfortunately, I was too struck with stage fright to remember really what happened. 24 Jan)

Ron Grainger (Kentucky USA, 33 years, fan for 26 years, 53 concerts, most memorable meeting John in Ohio after a concert,, 22 Jan)

Ellen Silva (Nebraska USA, fan since "Leaving On A Jet Plane", husband of 24 years met during the playing of that song, 11 concerts, most memorable moments: 1992 Windstar Symposium I offered him a ride to Omaha where he did a concert the following month, to carpool to save energy, cut down on pollution, and save gass. He just laughed and said "He wished he could." Second time on top of Aspen Mountain in 1995 had picture with him, 20 Jan)

Christine Moon (England. 44 years, fan since 18 January 1973, 24 concerts, most memorable 1982 grabbed JD outside the stage door and kissed his cheek,, 15 Jan)

Cheryl Hoeve (Texas USA, 34 years, fance since ever, most memorable concert 1996, was like seeing an old friend again,, 10 Jan )

Christian Kurz (Germany, 23 years, fan since 1990, most memorable concert Ludwigshafen 1995,, 8 Jan)

Flavio Spatola (Italy, 27 years , fan since 1985, 5 times to JD concert, 4 times met JD,, 4 Jan)

Dolly & Michiel (Holland, 52 & 34 years, fan since 1988, 22 concerts, most memorable Choices in Action 1995, 4 Jan)

Favourite songs

At the top with 5 votes:
Annie's Song (Ayman, Annalee, Bob Kubik, Starr, Vincente)

Close competitor with 4 votes:
On The Wings Of A Dream (Becky, Eileen, Henry, Julie)

Runners-up with 3 votes:
Amazon (Barbara, Debra, Yu-Suan)
Calypso (Jeff, Linda, Marilyn)
The Wings That Fly Us Home (Christine, Dolly, John)
Rocky Mountain High (Bob Ribokas, Christian, Kaye)

2 votes already:
For You (Cheryl, David)
Leaving On A Jetplane (Ellen Silva, James)
Postcard From Paris (Herwig, Anonymous)
Rhymes And Reasons (Flavio, Rick)
Sweet Surrender (Eileen Abrams, Mike)
Whispering Jesse (Louise, Anonymous2)

1 vote until now:
All This Joy (Anne)
Back Home Again (Colvin)
Boy From The Country  (Dan)
Darcy Farrow (Rory)
Different Directions ("Voyager")
The Eagle And The Hawk (Chelsea)
Follow Me (Pamela)
Foxfire Suite (Donna)
The Gift You Are (Jacky)
It's About Time (Jeroen)
LAst Night I Had The Strangest Dream (Ann)
Like A Sad Song (Julie Salter)
My Sweet Lady (Sam)
Perhaps Love (Bill)
Poems, Prayers, and Promises (Kristin)
Raven's Child (Betsey)
Seasons Of The Heart (Riet)
Shanghai Breezes (Josie)
Take Me Home, Country Roads (Roger)
The Wandering Soul (Michiel)
This Old Guitar (Fabio)
A Wild Heart Looking for Home (Karolin)
Wild Montana Skies (Mar)
Windsong (Diane) 

Favourite albums

At the top with 9 votes:
Wildlife Concert (Becky, Betsey, Bob Ribokas, Henry, Kaye, Linda, Mike, Pamela, Anonymous2)

7 votes:
Seasons Of The Heart (Annalee, Bill, Debra, Donna, Jeroen, Josie, Karolin)

4 votes:
Love Again (David, James, Riet, Vincente)

3 votes:
An Evening With John Denver (Anonymous, Bob Kubik, Sam)
Autograph (Christine, Dan, Kristin)
Higher Ground (Dolly, Louise, Marilyn)
Spirit (Eileen, Jacky, John)

2 votes:
Different Directions ("Voyager", Yu-Suan)
Windsong (Flavio, Jeff)

1 vote so far:
Back Home Again (Fabio)
Earth Songs (Roger)
The Flower That Shattered The Stone (Christian)
Greatest Hits (Chelsea)
Greatest Hits 3 (Mar)
I Want To Live (Rory)
It's About Time (Julie)
Looking For Space (Ellen Carr)
One World (Michiel)
Poems, Prayers and Promisses (Ayman)
Rocky Mountain Collection (Ellen Silva)
Take Me Home (Herwig)

Favourite movies

At the top with 17 votes:
Oh God (Annalee, Becky, Bill, Bob Ribokas, Cheryl, Christine, Dan, David, Debra, Flavio, James, Josie, Kaye, Karolin, Mar, Riet, Starr)

7 votes:
Foxfire (Betsey, Donna, Dolly, Henry, Michiel, "Voyager", Anonymous2)

5 votes
The Christmas Gift (Chelsea, Diane, Louise, Linda, Pamela)

3 votes
Higher Ground (Bob Kubik, Mike, Roger)

2 votes already
Leftovers (Jacky, Marilyn)
Walking Thunder (Ellen Silva, Julie) (although still to be released)

1 vote
Rocky Mountain Holiday (Anonymous)

Favourite videos

Lonely at the top with 13 votes:
Wildlife Concert (Bob Ribokas, David, Dan, Donna, Ellen Silva, Henry, Jacky, John, Julie, Linda, Mar, Marilyn, Mike)

4 votes:
Portrait (Betsey, Bob Kubik, Flavio, Kaye)

3 votes:
Saturday Evening Concert of Choices in Action 1995 (Christine, Dolly, Pamela)
Thank God I'm A Country Boy (Annalee, Bill, Josie)

2 votes:
Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight (Diane, Louse)
Let This Be A Voice (Debra, Eileen Abrams)

1 vote for now:
Best of Choices in Action 1995 (Michiel)
A Christmas Together (Riet)
Greatest Hits Live - Laser Disc Video from Japan (Yu-Suan)
Let Us Begin (Karolin)
The Cattle Caper - McCloud Episode (Becky)