John Denver A voice of no regrets

Hi, and welcome to my little John Denver site.
This site is not updated any more. All information on John Denver events in Holland is now published on the website of The World of John Denver:

John Denver lived from December 31st, 1943 to October 12th, 1997. John was an unique, wonderful and extremely talented  individual, well-known over the whole world for his singing and his songs like "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Annie's Song", "Calypso" and "Rocky Mountain High". John founded organizations like "Windstar" and "Plant-it-2000", and had an important role in "The Hunger Project". John has starred in a few movies, amongst them "Oh God" and "Foxfire". John was an ambassador of peace, he brought people from all over the world together (in fact, he still does).

John's music covers many subjects of life. Well-known is his love for nature. Other favorite subjects are human relationships and spirituality.
In many songs, Johns gives a voice to his vision about creating a more sustainable feature for all who live on this earth. Some of his most inspiring songs in this area include "I Want To Live", "It's About Time", "Higher Ground", "Let Us Begin (What Are We Making Weapons For)" and "Amazon (Let This Be A Voice)".  John lived his life for the things he believed in, and was a true inspirator to those who studied his work (in fact, he still is).

The wisdom and the truth of his songs will live forever in my heart. I consider John my most important teacher. Johns concerts were moments to live for. Life will never be the same without him.
John introduced me to many friends all over the world. And it brought you here! The feeling of sharing the love for his music and his vision has always proved to be a strong bond. I trust this feeling what we all call 'The World Family Of John Denver'will remain.

This Internet site was built in the year before John left us. It doesn't say all there is to say about John, there's simply too much too tell. It is  meant to be a tribute to this beautiful soul, and one of the places on the internet for you to remember him. What I intended to make was a site with information about shows, concerts, symposia and interviews throughout Johns career, illustrated with pictures from the events. In the links section I have mentioned other sites where you can find information about John, for instance discography's and lyrics to his songs.
By clicking on Sitemap on the left side of this frame you get a menu with all the pages on this site.

For a long time, the most important updates on this site were the videoclips of John's TV performances. For a number of reasons I decided not to continue these updates any more by the start of 2010.
Since that date the most important updates concern the John Denver related activities in Holland (and Belgium) with announcements, pictures and videoclips of the events, and the overview of YouTube clips of our Denverday artists in Holland. There is a mailinglist for these updates, there are a few newsletters send out every year and they are in Dutch. If you´re from Holland or Belgium, you can subscribe here.
Or visit for the most recent information.

I want you to know, that you're still very welcome to keep watching this site every now and then, but don't expect any changes. Enjoy!

There is a vision that shines in the darkness
That one vision is all of our dreams
All of our dreams are that one
It is a vision of heaven
It is the dream of peace
Let this be a voice for the dreamers
Let this be a voice of no regrets