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John Denver

A voice for the forests
A voice for the children
A voice of no regrets

Hi, and welcome to our little John Denver pages. Since you have found these pages, you will probably already know everything about JD.
Everything? Well, maybe not. Since there is so much to know, I think even JD himself doesn't know it all. These pages were not made with the intension of telling you everything about this wonderful and so very talented human being, there are other sites on the web who will do a better job in that. We'll have a few links for you later on. This site was made to entertain you with some selected pages, you see them on the left and right side of this page. Just click on the picture or the description to enter the pages. Since there is so much to show, and our cyber-space is limited, pages will come and go as time goes by. We want you to know, that you're very welcome to keep watching this site every now and then. Also, if you have any comment, we appreciate if you let us know. But remember that we do the editing, it is our page!

There is one page where we especially want your input: our favourites page. You can help us by giving your votes.
At the moment, these are on top our list:
Favourite song: On The Wings Of A Dream
Favourite album: Love Again
Favourite movie: Oh God
Favourite video: The Wildlife Concert
There's a detailed overview at one of our pages

Well, enjoy reading the pages and we hope to see you again.
Dolly & Michiel from Holland

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